Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster


Our goal is to provide our K9 unit service to Red Cross, Fema and any other non-profit emergency organizations nationwide including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

Boondocks k9 SAR - CERT is  a Non Profit organization that started training in 2014 to provide our services for free to many organizations including, but not limited to FEMA, The American Red Cross, and AmeriCorps.  We also provide assistance to our local community as a Community Emergency Response Team.

Our Volunteers are passionate about our mission - to train, and learn the important roles of providing quick Emergency Response locally, and Search and Rescue assistance in the state of Florida to Nationwide; to the Islands of Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.   We provide these services at no cost to those in need.

 If you are interested in becoming a volunteer,  please take into consideration that this requires your own funding to cover your expenses, from training, to participating in search and rescue efforts, which can be very costly. For example if our unit is required to deploy,  each volunteer is often responsible for traveling expenses, as well as fuel and lodging. Additionally, there are the added expenses of training, certifications, vet bills, feeding, dog care, and costly specialized equipment.   Our organization is dedicated to the process of making this happen day by day but we need your help. 

                                                   BOONDOCKS K9 will assist free of charge in:

 People lost in the wilderness, urban and state parks.
 People who have wandered away from homes, hospitals and nursing homes.
Lost hikers and hunters. 
Victims of earthquake, flood, explosions, fire, plane crashes, tornadoes and hurricanes.
Community emergencies from accidents to natural disasters
Don't wait until it is too late! We need Volunteers to maintain a high quality team, Boondocks K-9 Search & Rescue Unit teams will be  available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help. 

For the victim’s sake, come and join our team and help us to give a hand to those in need.

 We would rather be called and not needed than to be needed and not called.