Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster


Our goal is to provide our K9 unit service to Red Cross, Fema and any other non-profit emergency organizations nationwide including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.

To whom it may concern,

On behalf of Boondocks K-9 Search and Rescue - CERT it is with deep regret that the Gala scheduled for 18 August 2018 is being cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is threefold.

First, our Florida organization is small in number, and each of our volunteers is already bound with prior commitments, which have precluded them from being able to devote the necessary time to help plan such a big event. Second, we were unable to procure the donations needed to secure the venue upfront, and third, since we are already in need of funding to finish paying our debts incurred for Puerto Rico, the last thing we need now is to add more burden to our already significant debt.

Fortunately for Puerto Rico, we were able to conduct 1,381 urban, water and mountain rescues, as well as distribute humanitarian relief in the form of over 400,000 lbs. of supplies shipped overseas via 9 containers. They were provisioned with water, food, first aid kits, medical equipment, hygiene kits, dog food, baby formula, pampers, adult diapers, bedding pads, water filters, and toiletries, as well as over 2,000 lbs. of supplies via air. Unfortunately, all this relief comes at a cost.

We do express apology once again for this cancellation and any inconvenience we may have caused you. Some of you have already sent donations, and due to this cancellation we will be contacting you to make a return. Of course if anyone still wishes to donate, it will be greatly appreciated, as the need to cover our debt still stands.


Luis A. Vega
President - Boondocks K-9 Search and Rescue - C.E.R.T.