Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster


Our goal is to provide our K9 unit service to Red Cross, Fema and any other non-profit emergency organizations nationwide including Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Haiti.




Our Three main programs:

*Relocation of Rescues Program

* Rescues Training Program

Service Dog Program

  We also provide advocacy services and follow-up free of charge for our graduates.

Additionally we provide public education through our Public Relations, tour and speaker programs, as well as by providing information upon request to help educate businesses or individuals about access laws and Service dogs.

Free tours of our facility are given Saturdays. A reservation is required. In our Speakers Program we bring our story on video and in person to your group or organization through a volunteer speaker. For more information, email [email protected]

Service Dog Program

Training : Our instructors provide the service dog training and match the dogs with their new service dog partner.

Admissions: Qualified applicants go through a thorough and careful evaluation in the admission process when applying to receive a service dog donated to them.

Graduate Services: After our graduates leave our class with their new service dog partner, they continue to receive follow-up care and support through Graduate Services.

Our training program is designed to accommodate both the experienced service dog handler and the first timer. Some of the factors we consider when evaluating a person for acceptance to our program are as follows:


The desire and commitment to work with a service dog must be strong within each individual. Training with and working with a service dog can present many challenges as well as joys. A motivated handler will try hard to create a successful team.


Dogs naturally look for authority and direction. The human partner must be the leader of the team, directing the canine partner in a supportive and consistent manner.

Maturity: Applicants must be 18 years of age to be eligible to apply. But even more important is the ability to make sound and sensible decisions regarding the work and well-being of the team.

Physical Ability: 

A person must have enough strength and stamina to handle a large dog in a working situation. All guide dogs need physical interaction from time to time, especially when they are learning to work with a new handler.

Meaningful Work: 

A person must be active enough to provide sufficient work to keep a service dog healthy, happy and effective.

Orientation Skills: 

An applicant must already be an experienced, independent traveler, which most often means they’ve had a full Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training course. Both dog and human are competent travelers when they come together as a team.

Service Dog Defined: 

A service dog is a specially trained dog that acts as a mobility tool to aid impaired individuals. They provide mobility without stress in the form of a loving companion. With the increased mobility and independence gained through the use of a service dog, the confidence of the human partner of the guide team soars. Service dogs must be intelligent, alert, and willing to serve.

About Our Trainers: 

Trainers are available to travel 24/7 for any behavior or review. 

Instructors must complete a written, practical, or oral exam to obtain a position with the Boondocks K9 trainers aid program, plus all are required a background check and drug test every 6 months. All of our trainers are dedicated volunteer individuals who have a strong commitment to serving the community through providing the best service dogs possible.